I Just Don’t Get Pandora Bracelets

Don’t get me wrong. They are a brilliant marketing ploy for jewelers all across the country. In this economy, who has the cash to spend on big ticket bling? (Okay, other than people with entourages.) Bad economy equals bad news for businesses who sell luxury items. Jewelers, like a lot of businesses are hurting. So along comes someone with a pretty darn brilliant idea. “Let’s create a line of jewelry that women (I will assume most Pandora-ites are women) can buy one small piece at a time. And they can spend as little as $35 or $45 (or hopefully more) on each piece. So it seems as if they’re not spending much money at all.”

The really, really brilliant part comes in when you find our how much that completed Pandora bracelet really costs. According to the whatitcosts.com, a finished bracelet averages $175 for a very basic silver one to $3,000 or more for a 14K gold bracelet.

$3,000? Are you kidding? But it’s not really the money part that gets me. It’s that Pandora (and Troll, and others like them) are selling these one-at-a-time bracelets  as very personalized jewelry. Seriously? I mean, aren’t you still buying the same charms that others are?

I almost (well, for a week or two) bought into this program. I like unique jewelry. I liked the bracelets they have in their ads. (I’m all about color and texture…and some of their charms really looked great.) I bought the silver bracelet for $55. I was told I needed 2 clips. I didn’t even know what clips were for, but they were $35 each. And I needed two of them. Realize that I didn’t even have a charm to wear on this bracelet yet and I was already out $125.  So, of course I bought a charm.  For another $35. (Total outlay now at $160.)

I put on my bracelet with its two clips and one very lonely looking charm and got very depressed. I didn’t feel like I was wearing “very personalized” jewelry. I felt like I had just been suckered into something.

That little episode got me hooked on two things: etsy and making my own bracelets.

Love, love, love etsy. You want a one-of-a-kind bracelet, necklace, whatever, it’s there. For whatever you want to spend, you can find something that is really, really unique. Not pseudo, fake-o unique. But truly one-of-kind. Made by a person…not a worldwide conglomerate.

And that’s a good thing.

Sorry Pandora….you’re just not for me.


2 comments on “I Just Don’t Get Pandora Bracelets

  1. I agree. But it’s not the mere existence of such a thing that puts me off, but the fact that people post the Pandora style bracelets they’ve assembled on deviantArt as their handmade jewellery (and if you make a sincere comment on it, instead of praising their creativity, they will have all their friends leave you unpleasant comments and then block you).
    I actually started with the jewellery thing because I couldn’t find stuff that I liked. I wanted a wooden beads necklace, but a rather dark one, and a definitely long one, in my preferred colour range and I couldn’t find one that I’d like for months. It somehow didn’t occur to me at that time that I could just buy beads and string them, it was a friend who suggested that to me and pointed me towards online bead stores.
    I still have that necklace.

    • that is very cool that you were able to get what you wanted….and look what it started!!

      Bobbi Helms bh creativellc 4031 La France Rd. Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 610.986.4216 bobbihelms.com

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