I Promise to Blog…I Promise to Blog…I Promise to Blog


Honeysuckle Rose Pink One Of A Kind Lampwork Bead Bracelet

Honeysuckle Rose Pink Bracelet by fat dog beads

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Moondust One of a kind Lampwork Bead Bracelet by fat dog beads

Day one on my journey to become an active member of the blogging community. You would think that as a writer (copywriter – see portfolio at bobbihelms.com) I would dive head first into the blogosphere with a smile on my face and a brilliant idea to share in my head.

Uh-uh. Nope. No way. Just isn’t happening.

While I’m sure someone with a lot of medical training and a hefty hourly fee would love to try to figure out why, I prefer to mull over the reasons with a nice glass (or three) of wine.

Possible Excuse #1 – I write for a living. People pay me to put together words that are witty and winning…powerful and moving. So now I should do it for free? Would David Olgilvy blog? (Okay – forget that one. First of all I am NOT David Olgilvy. Second – he could pay someone to blog for him.)

Possible Excuse #2 – I could pay someone to blog for me. This is like when I sit in the middle of my dusty house and think, “why should I clean the house/floor/bathroom when I could PAY someone to do?” But then I realize that that is just me being really, really lazy and by the time I call someone and put money aside I could have the damn house clean and shiny. (Although I do have someone else do it occasionally. To me, it’s more indulgent that getting a mani-pedi.)

Possible Excuse #3 – Don’t know what to write about. Hmmmm. No. My life is a comedy/drama and I play a starring role. Plenty to write about there. Just have to do it (and hopefully without offending/embarrassing those I love.)

Possible Excuse #4 – It’s too cold out. It’s raining. I’m tired. I’m too busy. (Oh wait, no. Those are excuses why I don’t exercise.)

Okay, enough of the reasons why I DON’T blog. How about why I should?

Reason To Blog #1 – spread the word about my jewelry and my shops on Etsy and Artfire. Even one more new visitor would make it worthwhile. (And it’s free – unlike other forms of advertising or marketing).

Reason To Blog #2 – gets you moved up in the Google rankings. Now, to be honest, I don’t fully understand all this hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo that equates to getting a higher ranking in an organic search, But I’m told it really does help you be discovered by more people looking for whatever it is you are selling. That’s a good thing.

Reason To Blog #3 – I am related to one of the world’s best bloggers (IMHO). My cousin (once removed? Second?) Amy Sue Nathan (www.amysuenathan.com). She gives me great advice, helpful hints and a hearty shove in the right direction. She is a resource I need to use more.

Reason To Blog #4 – I can do this. I know I can. I can talk about my work. I can introduce people to some very talented artisans I’ve become friends with. I can tell the world once and for all that my dogs may be a little fluffy, but they are not fat.

Anyway….look at that. First blog post done. The question is – what do I do for an encore?


10 comments on “I Promise to Blog…I Promise to Blog…I Promise to Blog

  1. Go Mom! You are a wonderful writer, creative jewelry maker, okay blogger and amazing mom! I’m sure you will get some great ideas in that head of yours and your blog will take off! Love you!

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