Two In A Row: My all-time record for blog posts

So here we are on the second consecutive Monday since I started on the quest to become a regular contributing member of the blogosphere. So how are we doing so far?

Well, let’s see.

It’s Monday. I am sitting in front of my laptop. I am typing something. Good. Good. And good.

I have tried to remove distractions. Volume on cellphone – turned down. Husband and 3 dogs – all taking a nap. Clients from job-that-pays-the-bills – also must be napping. Very quiet day today.

The biggest hurdle of Blog #2 – the topic. Lots of wonderful ideas racing around inside my head. The problem is getting them from THERE to HERE on the actual blog post. Okay…let’s pause. Take a look around. See if something I spy starts the “aha!” music that lets the audience know something wonderful just happened.

And what do I see? Beads. Thousands and thousands of beads. I hoard beads. Big beads, little beads. Round beads, pillow beads, lentil beads, focal beads. Made in Israel and Italy. Poland and Germany. Hong Kong and Canada. And from almost every state in the good ol’ USA.

To me, each bead is like a work of art. If I could, I’d figure out a way to frame them and hang them on the wall. The colors are just head-turning, eye-opening, jaw-dropping gorgeous. Colors I didn’t even, couldn’t even, imagine.

These beads form the basis of the jewelry I make. Bracelets. Pendants. Earrings. In the next few posts, I will introduce you to some of the amazing artists I’ve discovered who make these incredible beads.

Pictured here are just SOME of the beads I own. What you’re not seeing are the trays of focal beads, silver and silver colored beads, crystal, rhinestone and pearl beads and all the beads I have yet to sort.

Nor do they include all the beads on my work table that I pulled out for one project or another.

So, to summarize – in two blog posts you have learned (1) I have 3 dogs who are a little fluffy, but not fat (2) I have lots of excuses not to exercise (3) I obsess a bit (okay, more than a bit) about beads and (4) I have made it to the end of blog post #2.


Boxes of Beads from fat dog beads studio

Love these great little bead organizer boxes i found online


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