Assorted Little Secrets I Learned As An Etsy Seller

Lilac & Lavender Flower Focal Bead Argentinium Sterling Silver Bracelet

Perfect for Spring: Lilac & Lavender Bracelet

Whew! If i thought that writing a blog (three in a row, this one is…woo-ooh) was going to get easier as it went along….uh….NO! Seems I wrote a thoroughly entertaining little blog post and sent links to everyone I have ever known (and lots of strangers on Twitter) and then went to edit something. Big mistake. Pushed TRASH instead of save and thus the heartache began. Again.
So….I will try to resurrect those wonderfully witty words and helpful hints and how-tos that I wrote before.
I had intended to post a terrific Q & A that I call “So Just How Do You Make A Lampwork Bead Anyway?” I’ve interviewed a fabulously talented lampwork artist (read: pick her brain). But alas (insert SIGH here), I didn’t get to it in time.
So instead of that being blog post #3, it will be blog post # 4 or 5 or even 6. (At which time I hope to have a much better title than “So Just How Do You Make A Lampwork Bead Anyway?”
Instead – a few things I’ve learned as an etsy seller that are good for etsy buyers as well.
(1) Never Ever Leave Negative (or even Neutral) Feedback for someone without first trying to contact them to work out the problem. As an etsy seller, I take feedback very personally. If I did/said/shipped something incorrectly, I want to know about it. And I want to make it right. If you try to contact the seller and don’t get an answer, or you don’t get a satisfactory answer (one that should be fair to both parties), then go ahead and leave your feedback.

(2) If you sell supplies, you need to be frequenting the BNR’s.
BNRs are a nifty form of member-curated treasury in which you buy something from a featured shop…and you then replace that shop with something from your shop. There are several different types of BNRs, but most run this way. First, read the rules on the first page of the BNR. They’ll tell you what the minimum buy-in is, and that you should ask the curator first before purchasing. You “ask” by posting in CAPITAL LETTERS the name of the shop you want to purchase from. You need not purchase the featured item. Anything in the shop is fine, as long as it meets the minimum buy-in before shipping. So why should suppliers buy into a BNR? Because 99.99% of the people “playing” there are crafters. And all of them need supplies. For the crafters, it’s a lot easier to justify the purchase of some supplies they need that a piece of finished jewelry, a piece of pottery or a pocketbook. Supplies also cost less, generally, than finished crafts.
So what if you’re not an etsy seller, or supplier? BNRs are still terrific for buyers. Almost all the featured sellers offer discounts for the BNRs they are in. It could be 10, 20 30% of more off certain items. Or free shipping. Or buy 2, get the 3rd free. Whatever – there are some terrific deals to be found there.

You’ll also be introduced to a community of really caring, fun people. Give it a try. You’ll be hooked – guaranteed.
Looking for more tips? Stay tuned. That’s post #4… week. (And yes, I promised. No more numbering posts….)


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