So I signed up for this class….

Royal Purple & Lavender Wire Wrapped Bracelet by fatdogbeads

Royal Purple Bracelet by fatdogbeads

In case you were wondering how I got started with fat dog beads (not with fat dogs…that’s a whole ‘nother story), step back in the time machine with me to April 2009. My good friend Nancy and I were looking for something artsy/craftsy to do and stumbled across something called Beadfest that was happening nearby.

Now keep in mind that up until this point, Nancy and I had not done anything with beads. Or wire wrapping. Or jewelry making in general. But in we strolled, eyes wide open, jaws dropping as surveyed an exhibit hall with about 150 booths’ worth of beads and bead “stuff”. And of course, we bought. Lots and lots of pretty beads. A few tools. Some stringing material. An instruction manual. A (supposedly) easy to do pendant kit. And out we went, about $150 lighter, back home with all our treasures.

Those beads and etcetera? Still in their bags somewhere in a closet. Fast forward a bit to Beadfest 2010. Nancy and I are determined not to make the same mistake twice. This year, we will sign up for a class.

Even though we were the least experienced students in that class, and we pretty much bumbled our way through it, we ended up with a pretty decent looking bracelet that we wore with pride.

I was hooked. (Nancy, not so much. But Nancy is into a lot of other things that fill whatever little free time she has during the day.) Since that time, I’ve taken a few other classes. Some good. Some ehhhh. Each time I learn something that sticks with me and makes me glad I took the course.

I tend to lean towards the wire wrapping courses. In most cases, nobody gets hurt in these classes. Can’t say that for some of the other classes I’ve taken.  There was the one where we made our own rivets to decorate free form jewelry we were creating. As soon as they put the jeweler’s saw in my hand, I knew there would be trouble. The blades for these saws are incredibly thin, and can easily break. Which mine did, often.

But it was when the end of the rivet went flying off and hit the lady next to me, that I knew my sawing/riveting days were over.

For this year’s Beadfest (W.N. – without Nancy), I’ve signed up for two classes. One is a day-long session on wire wrapping cabochons. Hopefully, that one will be fine.

But I’ve also signed up for a soldering class. This one, I’m not too sure about. Fire/torches are involved. We’ve been told not to wear clothing made of nylon or polyester.

Hmmmm. I’ll let you know if I have to put “soldering” on my list of”Not To Do’s”


Big News – if you are in/around the Philadelphia area, I will be hosting a Jewelry Open House at my daughter’s house in Plymouth Meeting on Friday, May 6th. Drop by, have a glass of wine, and say hi!

Let me know if you are interested in attending.


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