Mixed Feelings About Hosting A Jewelry Open House

(Note: this is not a mistake. This is actually my second blog post this week. I’m sure I must not be feeling well. Or something.)

I decided to have/host a jewelry party on May 6th. And admit to having some very conflicted feelings. (I play good cop/bad cop with myself all the time. Who better to argue with you than you?) On the one hand, I hate/loathe/despise making my friends feel like that “have” to purchase something from me.

I was never very good at the Tupperware/Pampered Chef thing. I always felt guilty getting a hostess gift or a bigger discount than everyone else. I could never sell Avon or Amway or any of those other things. I would probably end up buying the things and giving them away to friends and family.

On the other hand, I think my friends like what I make, and I price my jewelry affordably (IMHO). And anyone who comes to the open house will get an extra discount (or two).

On the Evites I sent out, I made sure the words “low-key, no pressure to buy anything” were big and bold. And there will be wine – lots of wine – and hors d’oeuvres…to make it more of a party. I’ve invited friends, family, and FB friends who live in the area.

But still…..hate to feel like I’m forcing people to buy something. Anyone who’s hosted one of these before – would love to hear what you think. I’m sure I will be in this love/hate state of mind until the party.

For anyone in the Philly area – come have a glass of wine with me and let me know “Hey – it’s ok. Glad to stop by, look around, and say hi.”

And if you end up buying anything – that would be just great.

Jewelry Open House

in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Friday, May 6th fro 7 – 10 pm

If you are interested in attending, email me at

bobbihelms@yahoo.com and I’ll send you directions.

Not So Mellow Yellow Bracelet by fatdogbeads


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