Beadfest Philly/Day 3 – Going Out In A Blaze Of Glory

Days 1 and 2 were workshop days. Learned lots of new stuff. Met lots of new people. Very cool. But Day 3 was the day I was looking forward to all week.

Day 3=shopping day!

I browsed. I bought. I went broke (pretty much!)

A Metallic Center Makes These Venetian Glass Beads Really Shine!

Beadfest Wire/Philly boasted about 180 vendor booths. Every direction you turned, every corner you rounded, were the most amazing treasures. Beads – thousands upon thousands of beads in every size, shape and color. Strands of them laid side by side on tables, hung on hooks, crammed into containers. This must be how it felt like to walk the bazaars in ancient times.

For the most part, I skipped those booths. Because as wonderful as it is to be able to touch and feel those strands of beads, they are the kinds of beads you could find almost anywhere. (Though, I did purchase some terrific pewter beads and Czech crystal teardrop beads at these booths)

Super Shiny Czech Glass Beads

My eyes (and my heart) were focused on the smaller booths, where the artists who actually made the beads could be found. How wonderful to be able to pick up a bead and discuss the unusual shape or color with the person who created it!

As always, I was easily fascinated/amused/sold by beads in rich, deep colors. The blues, greens, pinks and purples were extraordinary.  I drooled over the Venetian glass beads. The honeysuckle pink color was gorgeous! These beads (yes – from Venice) have metallic centers that give them a shimmer and shine that is just awesome!  I oohed and ahhed over the unusual colors in the cane glass beads.

Funky Shaped/Sized Beads

I absolutely flipped for the dichroic glass beads (my most expensive purchase). No photo can do these beads justice. The colors are electric – almost neon. I can’t wait to work with them. Right now, all these gorgeous, gorgeous beads are scattered on my desktop. I should break them down and put them away. But I can’t stop looking at them! (Is that wrong?) Even though it’s only been a few days, I miss Beadfest already. What a trip!

Incredible Dichroic Glass Beads

The good news? The next Beadfest/Philly is in August – just a few months away. The bad news? It’s an even bigger to-do with an estimated 280 vendors. Oh boy. Talk about a budget-buster.


2 comments on “Beadfest Philly/Day 3 – Going Out In A Blaze Of Glory

  1. Pewter, Czech crystal teardrop, Venetian glass and dichroic beads, all sound very cool especially the dichroic. Actually I Googled dichroic thinking maybe you had dropped an “n” and meant dichronic but not only you were right but to my chagrin it seems there is no such word as dichronic. The images of the dichroic jewelry Google found were exquisite.


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