Information Overload…when to say no.

A few things you need to know before we start: ( #1)I have the attention span of a flea. (#2) I am easily amused – but as stated in #1, I constantly need NEWER! BRIGHTER! FUNNIER! MORE AMAZING things to keep me amused. (#3) I am very curious (keep #1 in mind here). (#4) When I do something, I want it done right…or even better than right.

Aegean Sea Blue and Aquamarine Lampwork Pendant with WOW charm $34.

Which leads me to the art and science of making and selling handmade goods. In my case, it’s jewelry. I totally get the “practice makes perfect” thing. I spend countless hours doing and redoing and redoing again to make the piece of jewelry I’m working on different, and better, than the rest. No problem there.

But the marketing/selling aspect of the business? Hmmm. Not doing so well there. Don’t get me wrong – my jewelry sells. And I’m thrilled with the number of repeat customers I get. But in order to really ramp up my marketing efforts, I need to understand and use social media in ways that are totally new to me. There is so much I need to learn. So, I’m doing what a lot of sellers on Etsy and Artfire are doing. I’m clicking and printing and  saving and subscribing to every thing I possibly can that has to do with internet marketing, SEO and the like.

Trouble is, I am spending so much time gathering the info, that I have no time to actually READ and FOLLOW the advice in all those emails, web pages, guides and blogs. Does anyone else have this problem?

Lately, I’ve decided to open and “scan” the material to see if it’s save-worthy. (For example – I now do this with the daily emails from Handmade Spark.). If it’s worth keeping, I will print it out to save for later. If not, it goes out with the trash.

Watercolors - Blue and Teal Lampwork Bead Wire Wrapped Sterling SIlver Bracelet $72

So, that’s it. I’m done. No more.  I am going to stop some of the things I’ve subscribed to that come too often. (Every day? Do I really need to be reading stuff from you every day?) I am NOT going to download anything new until I’ve read/scanned/trashed all the stuff I’ve already downloaded. I am going into voluntary info withdrawal.

Should I approach you and ask for some SEO tips…or some new networking websites…just walk away. We’ll all be better for it.


3 comments on “Information Overload…when to say no.

  1. *nods* I had a problem with that too. I sometimes read what people have to say, but some things are just repeated over and over. I gave up on attempting to read every piece of advice there is online and focused on important things, like designing the actual jewellery, finding out who my target really is and working with them (I’m not going to please EVERYBODY anyway, so I’d better focus on the ones who do like my stuff, as they will spread the word about my shop). I only read Etsy newsletters these days (and that doesn’t necessarily mean I do what they say). It seems to be working so far.
    I think networking is more important than trying to do every little thing according to what somebody published online. They don’t know you, they don’t know your target, and most advice is just generic. Sometimes too generic.
    I don’t use many social networking websites, as to follow it all would take more time than the actual creation process (which I believe would be pointless). I use facebook fan page for updates and inform about new blog posts on twitter. But what I find really awesome for making my creations known is (it’s a sort of a networking website for artists of all kinds, combined with an art gallery). Think about it, who are the people mostly interested in unique handmade things? Other artists and artisans. A lot of great people there, some with a lot of experience selling their art. Also, themed groups (sort of like multi-artist galleries) that you can submit all sorts of stuff to. Definitely worth checking out. Whew, that was a long comment, hope you don’t mind O_o

    • you are awesome!!!!! great advice. FYI – the “bh creative” is my real job – i am a freelance copywriter and have my own little ad agency. That’s what pays the bills and lets me have all the fun I want designing/creating and yes, making mistakes as I play with my jewelry! You sound like you really have a good take on things. You go, girl!

      Bobbi Helms bh creativellc 4031 La France Rd. Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 610.986.4216

      • I suppose I have good intuition. Also, I have no patience whatsoever for reading redundant stuff (when I could be doing other interesting things), which is surprisingly helping 😀
        All the best and good luck

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