Match Your Socks To Your Pants, Not Your Shoes

Words of wisdom from unlikely sources, Vol.II.

Went clothes shopping with my husband the other day – which was a cause for celebration in unto itself. In all the years we’ve been married, I’d say I shopped solo for about 99.9% of the clothes he wears. But he needed a new sport jacket, so I convinced him to shop with me.

Purple Lampwork OOAK Pendant with Sterling Silver Star

(Shopping in Mark’s language means you go into one store, try on maybe 3 jackets and buy one.) But for some reason, he actually allowed the salesman to bring over “accompaniments” that would go well with the jacket. He ended up buying pants, shirts, ties, a belt and even some socks. I was very proud of him.

But, as a card-carrying digressor, I must get back to the point of the story. While I was waiting for Mark to get his jacket marked up by the tailor (note to self: why don’t they have tailors in women’s stores?????), I was admiring the socks the salesman had brought over. But I was puzzled by the color choice. According to him, you are supposed to match the sock color to the color of your pants. Because the ankle/foot is part of the leg.

Now, I don’t claim to be a fashionista, but I always thought most men matched their sock color to their shoe color. Simply put, my fashion world was rocked.

I paused to consider what other misconceptions I’ve been carrying around with me, and how could I use this news to improve the jewelry I make? (Everything eventually comes back to the jewelry.)

And here’s what I decided: just because something has been done a certain way, doesn’t make it the only way to do it…or even the best way to do it.

Zebra Striped Lampwork Bead Sterling Silver Bracelet

Black & White Zebra Striped Bracelet With Stunning Blue Crystal Beads

Take wire wraps. Most experts think that a cabochon should be wrapped in precisely measured, cut and wrapped wire bundles. Certain wires are pulled at certain points to “lock in” the cab. It’s a very time-consuming, everything-needs-to-be-done-just-so type of process. And, certainly, while this can look very nice, it’s also very formal and fussy looking for my tastes. So I am experimenting with my own types of wire wraps. (hint: use the cheapest wire possible when you are experimenting. A lot ends of going in the trash.)

Bottom line? Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit. Break out of your comfort zone. Not everything you do will be a winner…but you just may end up with something really unique and very cool.

As for me, I may not wear any socks with my shoes.



6 comments on “Match Your Socks To Your Pants, Not Your Shoes

  1. Hi, I found your blog while browsing the WordPress tags. The cabochon wrapping technique that you mention is very popular online, and 99% of what you can see is made according to a tutorial. And you know what? They all look the same. No personal style in it. I know one artist who adds her own style to that type of wrap and that’s it. My personal opinion is that this pattern should be used only when you’re learning to wire wrap, so that you can move on to whatever your style is. I was surprised though, that you mentioned certain “experts” who say that this is the only right way to wrap a cab. What experts? O_o Last time I checked, the experts (ones that teach fine arts and other creative things) said that having your own style is cool, not copying somebody else’s. And I agree with that. Bottom line – I’m totally with you on the experimenting part. I’d love to see your experiments, btw.

    • Hi Ula! Wow! another reader! thanks for stopping by. I am a pitiful blogger and struggle to write them. As far as the expert – it was Dale Cougar Armstrong (did i get her name right?) I took one 8 hour class with her (and fyi – the lady has a bit of an attitude) and while I was happy to learn something new – will most likely NEVER repeat the process.
      I am with you – originality is key. (Besides the fact that most of those wire wraps are SOOOOO fussy and frou-frou – I would never wear them!)
      do you have a blog? or a shop? would love to see your stuff!

      — Bobbi

      • wow!! just popped in to your blog quickly – and let me tell you – you are IMMENSELY TALENTED!!!!! Your wire work is what I can only hope to approach someday. Love that you used twisted wire to wrap the cabs. I’ve been playing a bit with that (but with nowhere near the results you got.) Will definitely be “hearting” your shop on etsy.

        thanks again for chatting!

        (Oh – and working for myself, I am never far from a keyboard. Clients contacting me all the time….)

        Bobbi Helms bh creativellc 4031 La France Rd. Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 610.986.4216

  2. Thanks, Bobbi. The key to what I’m doing is NOT publishing the ones that came out bad, and believe me, there are many. Also, the right wire. The wire I’m using is soft enough to be neatly shaped and yet hard enough to keep that shape afterwards. It’s a British brand, “Scientific Wire”. Also, time. Jewellery is pretty much all that I do for a living now (I do a lot of non-profit hobby-related stuff, though), so when I have a new design idea, I have all the time I need to try until I get it right, which I suppose might be very difficult when you’re working another job AND doing jewellery. And to be honest – I wouldn’t wear most of what I make. I love making it and I love creating different styles, and it is a great means of expression, but it doesn’t always match what I like to wear, if you know what I mean. Well, it usually doesn’t (if it did I wouldn’t sell anything because I’d want to keep it for myself). Sorry for being so chatty, I’m never this chatty, I don’t know what happened to me today O_o

    • I actually do pull some of my jewelry off my site becuase i want it for myself! But yes i make some stuff that i knkw will sell but i would never wear myself. And ula chatty is good!

      Sent from my iPad

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