I’m Taking Up The Challenge. How About You?

Soooo….it’s been quite a while since the Bad Blogger Chronicles posted. (And thus the reason for the name) Three reasons for this:

(1) Been busy with real work (the kind that pays the bills)
(2) Been busy keeping up with jewelry orders (always a good thing) because now my fat dog beads jewelry is being sold in a neat little shop in Ambler, PA…right across from the wonderfully restored Ambler movie theater and
(3) been busy with kids, grandkids, dogs, friends and more (all good things, too).
But it’s way past time for a post. And my very talented friend – who calls herself and her etsy store Beadsoul just posted a challenge for all jewelry makers and crafters. And here it is: make one new item every day to help get your shop filled up with new goodies for the holidays. (Yes – I know it’s summer. But if you want to sell during the pre-holiday season, you need to gear up for it NOW).
So here is my first “newbie”….which I will list later on today in my etsy shop. (Part of the challenge is not just to make something, but to also add it to your shop.)  It is a hammered sterling silver stack ring.
I am going to custom make these to size, I think. Though I am convinced that not many people actually know what their ring size is. Do you?
Mine actually varies quite a bit depending upon (a) time of day (b) time of year and (c) what I just ate.

So – anyway – I’m opening up this creative challenge to all you. Anyone want to join me?


The surprise gifts are always the best ones

Ever since my girls were old enough to write, I always asked them to give me their holiday wish list. (We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in our house. We are equal opportunity celebrationists.)  There were a few reasons for this.

Mostly, my husband and I did want to get the girls some of the things they really wanted. But not all. Never all.  Primarily because of the cost and also because it takes the fun and guessing out of what they will actually get.

The girls also knew there were be some surprise gifts as well. Now, most of the time, these were not costly gifts. But for one reason or another, they were very special gifts.

This year, I have my lists from my girls…but they’re a little bit longer now. Because they now include son-in-laws and two wonderful grandchildren. The girls don’t ask for much these days, knowing we are buying for their husbands and children as well. So they just might get everything they asked for.

But they’ll also get a few “surprise” gifts. Because the holidays wouldn’t be the same without them.