Hope Strength Necklace

My OOOPS Moment…Plan B Is Looking Better

Yesterday I decided it was time I started working with bezels again. I picked out a gorgeous teardrop shaped moonstone, textured and patterned a piece of copper and got a lovely closed seam on the silver bezel. Then it was time to solder the bezel to the copper. Got a gorgeous seal. Was sooooo excited. Too excited to notice that I had just soldered the bezel upside down and backward.
Time for Plan B.
I cut out the offending upside down bezel..added some stamped words, a rivet, and folded down part of the copper. Hmmm…taking shape as part of a necklace. What else? Strung it on an antiqued piece of brass wire I was saving for a bracelet, added some copper, brass and silver plated beads, two lovely cobalt lamp work beads, and a little bit of coiled wire.
Here’s what I ended up with – unfinished – but with possibilities. Have to mull a bit as to what, and how, to attach it to to finish it off.
But – Moral of the Story: Mistakes happen. Work with them.

Any finishing off suggestions?


Can Someone Show Me Where The “Do Over” Button Is On My Laptop?

Today’s tale of woe starts and ends with me. I did something stupid. Really, really stupid.

I accidentally forwarded an email to someone that had some snarky comments in it from another person. (Yes – directed towards the person I sent it to.). Big, big, bigger-than-big mistake. The person who made the comments didn’t really mean them. He was just letting off steam, and the other person became his target.

Aqua Sapphire Blue and Silver Crystal Beaded Pendant Necklace

Sapphire Blue Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

And so, anger and hurt feelings abound. My friend wrote a lengthy, heart-felt apology. I called and left an apology. And I sent an apology as well.

Don’t know what else to do. Either the person has to forgive us, or not. Sure hope he does, though.

Wouldn’t life be great if we could have a “do over” button? (Maybe like that EASY button from the Staples commercials?) So when you ate 10 pieces of chocolate candy when you really only meant to have an apple, you could just push the button – and “poof!” calories and guilt disappear. Or when you accidentally wash a wool sweater (am I the only one who’s done this????) and it shrinks – just push that good ol’ button and ta-duh! Good-as-new sweater.

Turquoise Blue Lampwork Bead Swarovski Crystal Lariat Silver Necklace

Turquoise Blue Lampwork Bead Swarovski Crystal Lariat Silver Necklace

Think how sweet it would be? What would you do over if you had the chance?

Oh….the possibilities!!